The Dow Jones Industrial Average is in selloff mode Monday afternoon with shares of American Express and Boeing delivering the stiffest headwinds for the index. The Dow DJIA, -1.31% was most recently trading 364 points lower (-1.1%), as shares of American Express AXP, -3.72% and Boeing BA, -2.84% are contributing to the index’s intraday decline. American Express’s shares have declined $6.95 (4.0%) while those of Boeing are down $5.19 (3.5%), combining for an approximately 80-point drag on the Dow. Other components contributing significantly to the decline include Apple Inc. AAPL, -2.39%, Visa V, -2.44%, and Coca-Cola KO, -2.90%. A $1 move in any of the index’s 30 components results in a 6.59-point swing.